Jeffersonville, OH – Sprinkler system keeps fire under control at automotive parts plant

Shortly after 8 a.m. on Friday, firefighters responded to an active fire at TFO Tech in Jeffersonville.

According to the chief of the Jefferson Township Fire Department, Jeff Warner, there were approximately 20 firefighters in all who responded. Responders included Jefferson Township Fire and EMS along with mutual aid engines from Washington Court House and Silvercreek Township.

Warner explained there were approximately 15 TFO employees containing the fire until the responders arrived—they had used hoses and nearly 15 fire extinguishers. He said, “They were very helpful in keeping things under control until we got there.”

There was a sprinkler system in place at TFO that helped in keeping the fire under control—there was no structural damage. The fire was contained to one press which ignited during regular operation.

According to Warner, TFO reported the value of the press was $20 million. The extent of damage to the press is unknown at this time.

There are five other presses available for use, and TFO does not expect any delays in its supply of automotive parts to Honda.

The Washington Court House Fire Department (WCHFD) had four on-scene, including fire chief Tim Downing, according to WCHFD Capt. Ben Havens.

Havens said, “They had it under control when we arrived. We just helped them clean up a little bit, and then we were out of there.” Mutual aid was present in case their assistance was needed. WCHFD was back in-service at 9:30 a.m.

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