Jackson Hole, WY – Arson fire at gas station limited by working sprinkler system

Someone started a fire at the West Broadway Phillips 66 gas station early Wednesday morning, and police need help identifying a man who was caught on surveillance video.  The fire triggered the gas station’s sprinkler system, so little damage was caused.  Police said it happened after 3 a.m. just outside the business’ front door, where a pallet of firewood sits.  In the video, the man can be seen walking back and forth near the entryway.

He appears to be in his mid-20s with long, brown hair. He was riding a black mountain bike, police said.  Police and Jackson Hole Fire/EMS responded, but the sprinklers took care of the flames.  “The only property damage the gas station received was a pallet of firewood, but the fire could have been more severe if a sprinkler system wasn’t located above the pallet,” said Detective Jason Figueroa. “The subject was out of camera view for a few minutes before leaving. He was the only person to be seen at the gas station before the police and fire department arrived to put out the fire.”

Jackson Hole Fire/EMS Chief Brady Hansen said arson calls aren’t typical in Jackson.  “In our history, it has occurred, but it is not a common issue,” he said  If you recognize the man or have information about the fire, you’re asked to call the Jackson Police Department at 733-1430 and ask for Detective Figueroa.

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