Franklin, TN – Single fire sprinkler controls apartment kitchen fire, protecting occupants and building;

A single fire sprinkler head controlled a kitchen fire in a three-story, 24-unit apartment building Thursday night, protecting the occupants as well as the building.

According to Franklin Fire Investigator Will Farris, the family of four was not home when their second floor unit in the IMT Cool Springs apartments, 101 Gillespie Dr., caught fire. 

Farris said the fire appeared to have been caused by a pan of oil that was left heating on the stovetop which ignited after the family left the residence. 

Farris said one fire sprinkler head above the stove activated, and the flow of water triggered an automatic fire alarm.  The Franklin Fire Department was dispatched by the fire alarm monitoring company just after 6:30 PM.   Upon arrival firefighters forced entry to the apartment.  They found the fire being controlled by a single sprinkler, completed extinguishment, and shut off the fire sprinkler system.

Farris said in addition to the apartment where the fire originated, two other apartments sustained water damage.  He estimated total damage at $30,000.  Farris stressed that the fire would have become deadly within minutes and the building would have sustained far more fire, smoke and water damage had it not been equipped with sprinklers.

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