Falmouth, MA – Sprinkler system extinguishes electrical fire at restaurant

The sprinkler system in the Ninety-Nine Restaurant at 30 Davis Straights in Falmouth extinguished a fire in the basement before firefighters arrived on Saturday morning, February 2.

An early-morning cleaning crew called firefighters at 5:11 AM when they discovered smoke alarms sounding, an odor of smoke, and the basement sprinklers activated, Falmouth Deputy Fire Chief Scott J. Thrasher said.

Firefighters opened the back door to let water out of the basement, shut off the electricity to the building, and notified the owner of the restaurant and the town’s building and health departments.

As soon as possible, firefighters reactivated the unaffected electrical circuits to keep the hot water and the freezers working to avoid further damage to the restaurant.

Deputy Chief Thrasher said that the fire is under active investigation, but the fire department believes the fire was related to electrical equipment in the basement.

“Ninety-Nine is trying to get back up and running for tonight,” he said, referring to Saturday night.

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