Erie, PA – Local pizza shop fire contained thanks to fire sprinkler activation

Fire at Summit Township pizza shop brought out firefighters early Saturday morning, but they said an effective sprinkler system put it out, and security camera video showed how it started.

Perry Hi-Way Hose and assisting companies came to Brooklyn Pizza on Rotunda Dr. just before 6 a.m.

Security video shows pizza boxes stored near the oven fell into a pilot light and touched off the fire. That kicked off the sprinkler system, which snuffed out the fire.

Firefighters forced entry from the front and back but found the big problem was water damage

Perry Hi-Way Chief Kip Hayford said a good firewall kept the fire from spreading.

Mariners Insurance had a little water damage, and the cell phone repair store vented a little smoke, but both were able to open for business.

The pizza shop said on Facebook it will be closed until further notice due to the fire.

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