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Sprinkler system puts out fire at high school (Fife, WA)

Crews were called to the scene of a reported fire at Fife High School, according to Tacoma Fire. The fire appears to have been put out by the school’s sprinkler system, Fire officials said. The fire started in a wood lathe machine in the shop facility and was quickly contained, according to Tacoma Fire.Continue Reading »

Sprinkler prevents fire from spreading in middle school (Mooresville, IN)

After firefighters fought an intentionally-set blaze at Mooresville’s Paul Hadley Middle School, school surveillance video helped investigators nab a suspect.  Dispatchers received a fire alarm call just before 2:00 a.m. Saturday morning. When crews arrived and made access to the building, they discovered smoke in a hallway.  In a release, a fire department spokesman says the fire was prevented from spreading by an activated sprinkler head.Continue Reading »

Sprinklers makes the difference in kitchen fire at elementary school (Tulsa, OK)

Tulsa Public Schools has confirmed a kitchen fire at an elementary school. School administrators say the school was evacuated, and all students and faculty are accounted for and unharmed. The school’s sprinkler system had partially extinguished the fire that started at a stove and spread to the walls.Continue Reading »