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Fire sprinklers save multiple homes from damage (Chapel Hill, NC)

A fire that broke out in a garage of a townhouse was quickly extinguished by the home’s fire sprinkler system. The home, which is connected to several other town homes, sustained minimal fire damage. 

In a release, the fire department stated, “The presence of an automatic fire sprinkler system in this home prevented a fire in an unattended home from growing larger and causing severe damage to the owner’s home as well as the neighbors’ homes within the building.”Continue Reading »

Sprinklers control air conditioning unit fire at townhouse (Maple Ridge, BC)

A fire caused by an exploding air conditioning unit was quickly doused by sprinklers after its spread to a townhouse. Fire chief Dane Spence said a fireball came through a window. “The sprinkler system went off inside and kept the fire to the outside of the residence,” said Spence.Continue Reading »

Townhouse arson attempt prevented by sprinkler system (Seattle, WA)

Fire sprinklers help keep condominium residents safe (Newport Beach, CA)

A fire that broke out in the laundry room of a condominium was contained by the unit’s fire sprinklers. Jennifer Schulz, of the Newport Beach Fire Department, reported that the residents of the home were alerted to the fire when a smoke alarm went off and were able to escape before firefighters arrived because the fire sprinklers helped keep the fire from spreading.Continue Reading »