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Fire suppressed by sprinklers at apartment building (Irvington, NY)

A fire in a multiple family dwelling was suppressed by the buildings fire suppression system. The fire, caused by mishandled oil from a candle, quickly ignited the contents in an apartments kitchen. Chief Ruffler said “this incident clearly shows how fire suppression systems really help save lives and property.Continue Reading »

Sprinkler system controls condo fire (Lake Havasu City, AZ)

Lake Havasu City Fire Department firefighters responded Wednesday to reports of black smoke coming from a second-story unit at a condominium complex. “Two sprinkler heads had cooled and knocked the fire down,” Battalion Chief Mike Quijada said. “The fire had started on an overstuffed chair, and we did find some drug paraphernalia.” “No one was injured, and the sprinkler system did its job,” Quijada said.Continue Reading »

Bathroom fire extinguished by residential sprinkler system (Woodburn, OR)

A bathroom fire was quickly extinguished and caused minimal damage after a single fire sprinkler head activated and suppressed it. There was no active fire by the time fire fighters made it to the scene. Investigation by officials eventually led a juvenile resident to admit that he intentionally set fire in the bathroom.Continue Reading »