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Small fire suppressed by sprinklers at retirement facility (Wilkes-Barre, PA)

Officials at the center briefly evacuated about 30 residents when a faulty light fixture caught a bathroom on fire. Sprinkler systems were immediately activated, and the fire department was on hand within 10 minutes of the fire being reported.  No injuries were reported and the damage is said to be minimal.Continue Reading »

Sprinklers allow time for successful evacuation of nursing home during fire (Attica, IN)

All of the 43 residents and three staff members were evacuated after a fire broke out in one of the rooms in the north wing, according to Attica fire Chief Ed O’Farrell. “I feel the staff took charge of the situation and collaborated well with the departments,” said Gustus, “The residents were evacuated outside, warm and secure within minutes.”Continue Reading »

Senior living facility fire contained by sprinklers (Salt Lake City, UT)

A fire broke out on the 10th floor of a senior living facility, and fire sprinklers were able to keep the flames in check. According to Salt Lake City Fire Department spokesman Jasen Asay, “The fire was … contained by the apartment’s sprinkler system until our firefighters arrived on scene and extinguished it.” No serious injuries were reported.Continue Reading »