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Sergeant Bluff, IA – Sprinkler system activated for dumpster fire next to senior living center; No injuries reported

No one was injured when a dumpster caught fire at a senior living center Monday afternoon.

Fire officials said a dumpster caught fire at Floyd Place Senior Living in Sergeant Bluff, Iowa.

A neighbor made the 9-1-1 call and pulled the dumpster away from the building.

Before fire crews could arrive, officials said police put the dumpster fire out.

However, the fire damaged part of the building’s siding.

“We had the sprinkler system going off helping extinguish the fire, we did a secondary search making sure everyone was out of the building. They’ll have the fire sprinkler company coming up to reset their fire sprinklers. It was a great case they maintained their fire protection systems well. And the fire sprinkler system saved their building,” said fire chief Anthony Gaul.

As a precuation, resident were evacuated. They were allowed back inside after fire crews checked out the damage.

The cause of the fire is under investigation.

St. Johnsbury, VT – Sprinkler system activated for dryer fire at senior care facility; No injuries reported

Senior residents of the Canterbury Inn Residential Care facility in St. Johnsbury are being housed in a hotel after a fire this weekend.

Fire officials say the fire started Sunday night in the laundry room and was contained to only that room.

After interviews with the building owner, officials say he started a gas fired clothes dryer and 15 minutes later, the fire alarm went off.

Crews are now working on removing residual smoke from the building.

No one was injured during the fire.

Officials say if the building didn’t have functioning fire sprinkler and fire alarms systems, it could have been a different outcome.

According to the facility, residents are staying at the Comfort Inn and will be back as soon as it is deemed safe.

Atlanta, GA – Sprinkler system activated for fire on 5th floor of senior living community; No injuries reported

Atlanta firefighters evacuated the fifth floor of a senior living community Thursday morning after a fire broke out inside an apartment, officials said.

The fire occurred at the Lakewood Christian Manor off Springdale Road in southwest Atlanta, battalion Chief Tony Terrell said at the scene.

“The sprinkler system kept it in check,” and firefighters were able to get inside and extinguish the blaze, Terrell said, but crews were forced to evacuate residents on that floor because of water damage.

Fire officials said it appears the small blaze began inside a closet.

“We had a basket of clothes and laundry burning inside the closet,” Terrell said, adding that the fifth floor of the high-rise sustained water damage from the apartment’s sprinkler system. No injuries were reported, but seven residents have been displaced.

While fires at senior living complexes aren’t common, Terrell said the biggest challenge is evacuating residents who are unable to get out on their own. The building is nine stories tall and houses hundreds of residents, most of whom are older or disabled.

“The rest of the residents were allowed to shelter in place because we only had smoke in the hallway where we had the fire,” he said.

Volunteers from the American Red Cross responded to the scene and are offering temporary assistance to seven residents from six units that were damaged, agency spokeswoman Sherry Nicholson said. In addition, a company was called in to remove the water from the fifth floor.

“They’re going to have to wait until all the water is cleaned up before they can return to their apartments,” Terrell said.

The cause of the blaze remains under investigation.

Pearland, TX (no media coverage) – Dryer fire at nursing home put out by single fire sprinkler

On Sunday November 15,2020 at 19:40 hours crews were dispatched to the 3400 blk of Business Center drive; a nursing home for an reported fire. Crews arrived on scene and found an active fire inside of an industrial clothes dryer. The fires progression was impeded by the activation on a single sprinkler head. The fire was contained to the drier unit with no surrounding damage. No residents were displaced from fire.

Franklin Park, IL – Fire at senior apartments extinguished by fire sprinklers; No injuries reported

A ninth-floor apartment at Franklin Towers, an apartment building for seniors, caught fire Wednesday after grocery items ignited on a hot electric stove, according to the Franklin Park Fire Department.

The building’s fire alarm activated shortly before 3:30 p.m., and automatic sprinklers extinguished the fire before firefighters arrived on the scene in the 9500 block of Franklin Avenue, Franklin Park Fire Chief William Brehm said in an email.

“Residents were evacuated and evaluated for safety, but there were no injuries or transports (to the hospital),” Brehm said.

Only the apartment that caught fire was damaged, and that was limited to water damage from the sprinkler system, Brehm said. The damage was cleaned up the same day by an outside company, according to Brehm.

Bettendorf, IA – Nursing home fire extinguished by fire sprinkler system

A room in the west wing of Bettendorf Health Care Center caught fire Saturday morning, leaving 11 residents relocated to new rooms and one sent the hospital.

At just after 9:30 a.m. on October 10, Bettendorf Fire Rescue was dispatched to the nursing home on Crow Creek Road in response to a structure fire. 

The fire had broken out in one room in the building’s west wing, and was easily extinguished by the sprinkler system while firefighters at the scene got residents out of the building. The fire was reportedly strong enough to trip both of the room’s sprinkler heads.

Eleven residents of the west wing have been relocated to different rooms, while one occupant was sent to the hospital for evaluation. The building’s west wing is closed for repairs due to significant water and smoke damage.

Wake Forest, NC – Sprinkler system contains fire at retirement community; No injuries reported

Multiple people were forced to evacuate after a fire at a Wake Forest retirement community.

Town of Wake Forest officials say the fire broke out at The Lodge at Wake Forest located on 1151 S. Main St. Firefighters say it started in a unit on the ground floor just after 8 p.m. Thursday night.

Officials say the sprinkler system in the facility contained most of the fire before firefighters extinguished the rest.

Between six and nine units suffered smoke damage, officials say.

A resident who evacuated told CBS 17 that she heard the fire alarms go off, but didn’t think anything of it because of recent false alarms. She says when she went to check on her neighbor, she saw smoke and flames.

“She tried to push her button, we all wear buttons around here. She could raise anybody so I called 911…. the smoke had got down to maybe about hip level, the smoke was that far down and thick I couldn’t breathe, I was coughing. So I just came back in and shut the door and went outside,” said Sheila Brantley.

Officials say there were no serious injuries and nobody had to be taken to the hospital.

Camden, NY – Fire at assisted living facility contained to one bedroom thanks to fire sprinklers; No injuries reported

Thirty-three residents were displaced from Valehaven Community Residence, an assisted living facility, on Main Street after a fire and subsequent smoke and water damage — severely damaged the facility Friday night.

Camden Fire Department received a call for 128 Main St. at about 9:30 p.m.

On arrival, Camden Chief Brian Christmas said there was a working fire visible from a second-story bedroom of the three-story structure. Christmas said initial reports indicated that there were two people missing from the second floor, but they were later located and brought to safety.

Florence, McConnellsville, and Taberg volunteer fire companies responded with mutual aid at 9:38 p.m., with North Bay coming to the scene approximately four minutes later. Camden Ambulance remained on stand-by.

The chief said between 45-50 firefighters total battled the blaze through an interior attack, which took about 45 minutes before it was deemed under control.

“There was a sprinkler system that had activated, which really helped the firefighting efforts,” Christmas said.

State Emergency Medical Services and the county fire coordinator also assisted at the scene, the chief said.

No injuries were reported.

“There was a lot of water damage” as well as smoke damage throughout the building, Christmas said, which led to the displacement of the residents. “Fire damage was contained to the one bedroom, but there was quite a bit of damage there.”

Cause of the blaze remains under investigation.

The chief said the American Red Cross responded to assist and set up temporary cots for the displaced residents at a neighboring church in the village.

Brevard, NC – Assisted living facility laundry room fire contained thanks to fire sprinklers; No injuries reported

Fire crews spent their early morning tackling a fire that broke out in a Brevard assisted living facility’s laundry room early Sunday morning.

A press release posted by Connestee Fire Rescue to Facebook on Saturday said crews responded to The Cedar Mountain House facility on Sherwood Ridge Road at 4:20 a.m., responding to a reported structure fire. Within minutes, CFR says they were on scene, with facility staff already in the process of evacuating residents. CFR said the working fire was within the laundry wing of the facility, and that crew members did additional searches of the facility to ensure all residents and staff were out safely.

Just before 4:30 a.m., fire suppression efforts began, and the sprinkler system activated. CFR notes this kept the fire contained to a commercial gas dryer in the room, and helped CFR personnel in putting out the flames.

35 residents were evacuated with help from other departments. Those departments also helped with salvage and overhaul operations. Fire, Rescue, EMS, and Emergency Management personnel aided with patient care and resident assistance throughout the incident.

While the residents were going to be moved to a different facility, fire personnel and building maintenance removed a large amount of water from the facility, along with removing smoke from the first floor of the structure. The sprinkler system was back online, and residents were able to be moved back in.

CFR and the Transylvania County Fire Marshal’s Office investigated, and believe an unknown issue with the dryer caused the fire. For now, The Cedar Mountain House will not be able to use the laundry wing until repairs are made. 

No injuries were reported. 

Agencies that provided mutual aid included City of Brevard Fire Department, Cedar Mountain Fire Rescue, Rosman Fire Rescue, Little River Fire Department, North Transylvania Fire Department, Transylvania County Rescue Squad, Transylvania County EMS, Transylvania County Emergency Management, Transylvania County Fire Marshals Office, Transylvania County Sheriff’s Office, Transylvania County Code Enforcement and Transylvania County Department of Public Health. Asheville Fire Rescue and Prisma Health EMS were on standby with multi-patient transport ambulance busses if residents needed to be taken to another facility.

Dayton, OH – Sprinkler system at senior apartment contains fire on 14th floor

One person was injured in a fire that broke out Monday afternoon in a unit on the 14th floor of the historic Biltmore Towers senior apartment building.

The sprinkler system in the building at 210 N. Main St. in Dayton helped contain the fire reported at 3:50 p.m. Monday, which shut down a portion of North Main Street.

One person was taken to a local hospital for possible smoke inhalation injuries and one floor sustained smoke damage.