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Fire at transit center extinguished by fire sprinklers (Manitowac, WI)

A fire broke out at Manitowoc’s new bus transit center Sunday afternoon. When firefighters arrived, two fire sprinkler heads were actively spraying water over a fire just outside the building’s main entrance. Fire Chief Bill Manis said the blaze shows the importance of installing fire sprinkler systems.Continue Reading »

Sprinklers controlled kitchen fire at residential and commercial building (Iowa City, IA)

The main body of the fire, contained to the underside of a kitchen counter, was controlled by the sprinkler system. The rest of the fire was extinguished within 15 minutes.  Though occupants were evacuated as a result of the fire, the release said there were no injuries and the fire did not leave the commercial portion of the building.Continue Reading »

Fire at gun range controlled by sprinkler system (Las Vegas, NV)

The Clark County Fire Department was called to a fire at a gun range late Friday night. Officials said two men were doing maintenance welding work in a gun range inside the building, when air filtering material caught fire. Building sprinklers helped keep the fire in check while firefighters quickly extinguished remaining hot spots.Continue Reading »