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Ottawa, ON, Canada – Sprinkler system extinguishes fire at commercial business; No injuries reported

It was a busy morning for Ottawa firefighters.

Ottawa Fire Services (OFS) responded to two commercials fires within a one hour time period Tuesday morning.

Firefighters were first called to a commercial structure in the 3000 block of Strandherd Drive shortly before 1:30 a.m.

Upon arrival, firefighters were met by staff reporting an odour in the building, but nothing visible.

Firefighters located a door with smoke coming out around the back of the building and could hear several alarms going off.

A working fire was declared, though further investigation revealed the fire had been extinguished by the building sprinkler system.

The fire was under control by 2:25 a.m. and there were no injuries reported.

Bend, OR – Sprinkler system activated for structure fire at clubhouse; No injuries reported

At approximately 5:30pm Friday Redmond Fire & Rescue was notified of a possible structure fire at 65765 Pronghorn Club Dr. Before the arrival of fire crews, onsite staff quickly evacuated the building of guests. As fire crews arrived there was visible smoke coming from the roof of the building. Fire crews made a quick attack on the fire but had to quickly evacuate the building due to the collapse of a chimney onto the roof and fire extending into void areas. The buildings fire sprinkler system was able to help keep the fire in check under fire crews were able to access the void areas in the roof.

Fire investigators late Friday were on scene conducting interviews and analyzing the fire to determine a cause.

Redmond Fire & Rescue was assisted by Bend Fire & Rescue, Deschutes County Sheriff’s Office and Sunriver Fire & Rescue.


Davenport, IA – Sprinkler system activated for fire in commercial building; No injuries reported

The Davenport Fire Department is investigating a fire that broke out in a commercial building Monday.

Davenport firefighters responded at 1:27 p.m. to the 2600 block of Research Parkway.

The caller was an employee of the business who said a semi-trailer was on fire inside the building, fire officials said.

Firefighters noted heavy smoke coming from several overhead doors in the large commercial building.

Crews got the fire under control in about 15 minutes and stayed on the scene for a couple of hours to shut down the sprinkler system and remove smoke from the building, fire officials said.

A large portion of the building sustained heavy heat, smoke, and water damage. The building was open for business at the time of the fire but all occupants made it out safely before the fire department arrived, fire officials said.

No injuries were reported.

The cause of the fire is under investigation.

Red Deer, AB, Canada – Sprinkler system activated for fire at tire store; No injuries reported

Red Deer Emergency Services (RDES) are currently investigating a fire that took place Wednesday night at the north-end Canadian Tire store.

Curtis Schaefer, Assistant Deputy Chief for the City’s RDES, says the call came in at around 8:30 p.m. on April 5.

A total of 19 firefighters were on scene with three fire engines, a ladder, a command vehicle and an ambulance.

When crews arrived, he says smoke wasn’t seen escaping the building (6380 -50 Ave) but firefighters were able to see smoke inside the store from the front doors. He says crews got in quickly and found the seat of the fire, its origin, in the seasonal section of the store.

Making their initial fire attack, Schaefer says crews went back out to bring more hose lines but the fire grew, activating the sprinkler system. While the sprinklers controlled the fire from spreading, he says crews ventilated the building to ensure there was no other damage or fire going on in the building at the same time, before knocking out the fire completely.

“With the combination of the fire and the sprinklers, the entire building became full of smoke,” he said. “Once the fire was out completely and the sprinklers were shut off, the time was spent ventilating the building. It’s a very large structure with a large amount of smoke in it.”

Crews were on scene for approximately four hours, he says.

The cause of the fire is under investigation but Schaefer says the belief is that it may be suspicious, leading RCMP to assist them Thursday morning.

As the store’s closing hour was 9 p.m., he says all employees and customers were successfully evacuated when fire crews came on scene. No injuries were reported.

No damage was caused to other properties and the fire was contained to just the store’s seasonal area, but Schaefer says water and smoke damage spread across the entirety of the Canadian Tire.

“When we have fires inside large commercial buildings like this, the challenge is just the size. It’s difficult for our crews to get access to the seat of the fire and basically the size of the building and the amount of material in the building can cause challenges for our crews to get to the seat of the fire and put it out quickly,” he said.

Investigators and a property restoration company were on scene Thursday morning.

Fairfield, CT – Sprinkler system activated for car fire in bowling alley parking garage; No injuries reported

Today’s vehicle fire was located at Nutmeg Bowl at 802 Villa Avenue. The car owner of the Nissan Altima said his son was inside when the engine compartment began to catch fire. There were no injuries and firefighters had the fire out quickly. The sprinkler system above kept the fire from extending to cars parked nearby.

Lincoln, NE – Sprinkler system contains fire at factory building; No injuries reported

Hastings Fire & Rescue crews on Thursday battled a blaze at a former factory building, authorities say.

The fire started at the Eaton Corp. building, located near East 39th Street and Yost Avenue, around 10 a.m.

Eaton had discontinued operations at the building, but employees and contractors were on site disassembling and removing equipment, authorities say.

While an employee was using a plasma cutter to cut metal, built-up oil residues ignited, according to officials.

The fire was contained by the building’s sprinkler system until crews arrived to completely extinguish the flames.

Before the sprinklers went off, fire officials said an employee pulled the fire alarm, and all six employees in the building evacuated.

No one was injured in the fire.

The Hastings Fire Marshal did issue two citations for failing to follow a hot work permit, directly resulting in a structure fire, authorities say.

Hastings Fire & Rescue said a similar incident happened at the factory on Jan. 6.

Rochester, MN – Sprinkler system activated for fire at lab; No injuries reported

Rochester Fire Department (RFD) responded to a report of a closet fire inside Limb Lab Monday morning.

When firefighters arrived, they found smoke in the building and an evacuation was in progress.

Firefighters located the fire and extinguished it with a pressurized water can. Other RFD crews searched for victims and worked to locate the sprinkler system controls to shut it off.

Fans were set up in the building to ventilate the smoke.

The fire caused a small amount of damage to the contents of the closet and there was some water damage to the first floor and basement.

There were no injuries.

Automatic fire sprinkler systems limited the growth of the fire and provided occupants valuable time to evacuate. In this incident, fire damage was limited to the room of origin and RFD said it serves as another great example of how sprinkler systems can save lives and property.

East Providence, RI – Sprinkler system activated for fire in commercial building; No injuries reported

A two-alarm fire broke out at a commercial building in East Providence on Sunday morning, city fire officials said.

Around 6:43 a.m., East Providence fire officials were alerted of a fire at 830 Waterman Ave. Upon arrival, firefighters found the fire coming from the loading dock and that the fire sprinkler system was activated.

Fire officials said they quickly struck a second alarm and made an aggressive attack at the flames inside the building.

No one was inside the building at the time of the fire, according to authorities. No injuries were reported.

Fire officials said the cause of the fire remains under investigation.

The East Providence fire department received mutual aid from Seekonk, Massachusetts. Providence, Pawtucket and Barrington covered the fire stations.

Springfield, IL – Sprinkler system extinguishes fire in commercial building

Springfield firefighters were called out for a hazmat fire at Solomon Center around 7:30 a.m. on Thursday.

The fire department says discovered there was a small fire that was put out by the sprinkler system.

Firefighters requested a hazmat response due to the large amounts of flammable materials stored in the building and the order of possible flammable vapors.

Hazmat crews arrived on the scene and sampled the air and the water on the ground for possible hazardous materials to find all normal levels.

One worker had minor burns on his hand.

Columbus, IN – Sprinkler system extinguishes lithium-ion battery fire; No injuries reported

Columbus firefighters were sent to Dorel Juvenile, 2525 State St., on a report of a fire in the building at 5:08 p.m. Monday.

Firefighters arrived on the scene to find that an evacuation of the building was in process, said Capt. Mike Wilson. As crews prepared to investigate the incident, representatives of Dorel advised firefighters that a lithium-ion battery had begun to smoke within an office space on the interior of the building.

An interior fire attack crew entered the building and found a large amount of smoke within the facility. Firefighters located the area where the lithium-ion battery was stored and reported that the building’s automatic sprinkler system had activated. Firefighters reported that a fire had occurred in the area of the battery but the fire was extinguished by the sprinkler system by the time firefighters reached the area involved. Firefighters located two additional lithium-ion batteries in that area and removed all three batteries to the exterior of the building.

After shutting down the water supply to the building’s sprinkler system, firefighters set up ventilation fans to aid in smoke removal from the interior of the building. Fire damage to the building was minor in the area where the fire occurred. The fire caused cosmetic damage to one wall near the origin but did not cause structural damage. Due to the activation of the sprinkler system, water damage to the area where the fire occurred was more significant. No damage estimate was provided. The cause of the fire remains under investigation. No injuries were reported at the scene.

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