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Quincy, IL – Fire in pool pump room at community center extinguished by sprinkler system

A chemical fire Friday that led to a temporary evacuation of the Kroc Center was the first fire in the building’s six-year history. An automatic fire alarm went off around 9:30 a.m. at the Salvation Army Ray and Joan Kroc Community Center, 405 Vermont, and employees immediately began evacuating patrons as a precaution.Continue Reading »

Winnetka, IL – Dryer fire at community fitness center controlled by sprinkler system

A fire last week at the Winnetka Community House fitness center was apparently caused when towels in a fitness center dryer caught fire, Community House and fire department officials said Tuesday. The fire shut down the fitness center for several days, Winnetka Fire Chief Alan Berkowsky said, and parts of the building at 620 Lincoln Ave.Continue Reading »

Temecula, CA – Electrical fire at dance studio controlled by sprinkler system

A Temecula dance studio was damaged today when an electrical fire triggered an automated sprinkler system that poured water onto the blaze and everywhere else.  The fire was reported at 4:30 a.m. in the 28000 block of Felix Valdez Avenue, just off of Rancho California Road, according to the Riverside County Fire Department.… Continue Reading »

Richmond, VA – Sprinklers protect country club’s interior after fire breaks out on roof

A roofing company working without a required permit sparked a fire last Friday by using a torch to seal some materials on the roof of the Westhampton Clubhouse at the Country Club of Virginia, Richmond fire officials said.

The company, Hermitage Roofing Inc., did not obtain a permit from the Richmond Fire Department to conduct “hot work” on the clubhouse roof as required by law, said Richmond Fire Marshal David Creasy Sr.Continue Reading »

Sterling, VA – Sprinkler system contains fire at Gold’s Gym following explosion; No injuries reported

Employees of Gold’s Gym in Sterling knew something was wrong when the lights inside the building started flickering on the afternoon of March 21. They evacuated everyone in the building just before there was an explosion and ensuing fire.

The fire was contained by the automatic sprinkler system and no one was injured thanks to gym employees’ quick actions.Continue Reading »

Atlanta, GA – Fire in suite area of Georgia Dome during Monster Truck rally extinguished by sprinkler system

A small grease fire in a kitchen at the Georgia Dome forced a brief evacuation during Saturday’s Monster Truck rally, according to the Atlanta Fire Department. The fire occurred in the kitchen on one of the suite levels. The evacuation happened because of the smoke.  Continue Reading »

Brownsburg, IN – Sprinkler system activates to protect bowling alley from fire on smoker’s patio

Fire caused minor damage to a Brownsburg bowling alley and sports bar early Monday morning.

Firefighters found a small fire in a smoker’s patio at the front of the building around 12:30 a.m.

The fire activated a sprinkler in the external room, but the rest of the building was not damaged by water or flames, according to the fire department.Continue Reading »