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Fire sprinklers show effectiveness in winery fire (Kenwood, CA)

On the morning of August 14, a fire broke out in a freezer located in a winery. The fire sprinkler contained the flames, leaving little fire damage, according to Fire Captain Daren Bellach. Bellach said, “The sprinklers went off and held the fire in check like they’re supposed to.”There were no injuries reported, and the cause of the fire is still under investigation.Continue Reading »

Restaurant kitchen fire controlled by sprinkler system (Pacifica, CA)

A restaurant kitchen caught fire Friday morning, but damage was kept to a minimum thanks to a sprinkler system, according to fire officials.  The fire was reported around 7:25 a.m., according to the North County Fire Authority.  Firefighters found fire in the kitchen area that was being held in check by an installed sprinkler system.Continue Reading »

Restaurant fire kept in control by fire sprinklers (Union City, NJ)

A toaster oven was to blame for the start of a fire in a deli early Sunday morning. The restaurant’s fire sprinkler system contained the fire to the area of the toaster oven, and fire crews eliminated the remaining flames. Residents who lived above the restaurant were able to come back to their homes soon after, and no injuries were reported.Continue Reading »

Fire sprinklers limit damage at restaurant (Berkeley, CA)

A fire that began in the downstairs dining room of a restaurant was largely eliminated due to the the restaurant’s fire sprinklers. Interim Berkeley Deputy Fire Chief Avery Webb confirmed the fire sprinkler systems value when he said, “Had it not been for that single sprinkler, we probably would have had a significantly greater amount of damage.”Continue Reading »