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Brookfield, WI – Restaurant chimney fire is kept from spreading to attic by sprinkler system

Firefighters on Monday night, Feb. 12 were called out to Mr. B’s restaurant on Capitol Drive in Brookfield for a possible chimney fire. The call came in around 6:55 p.m. According to the City of Brookfield Fire Department, a passerby noticed heavy smoke and fire embers from a chimney and informed the business operator.Continue Reading »

Hagerstown, MD – Sprinkler system extinguishes blaze at Villa Italian Kitchen

Palo Alto, CA – Restaurant fire controlled with help from sprinkler system

A restaurant fire in Palo Alto led to street closures in downtown last Monday afternoon.  Crews responded to multiple reports from passersby of a structure fire at Three Seasons restaurant at 518 Bryant St. shortly before 2:30 p.m., when smoke and flames were visible from the two-story building, according to emergency-radio dispatches.Continue Reading »

Parsippany, NJ – Sprinkler system assists firefighters in extinguishing laundry room fire at Hampton Inn

Rainbow Lakes Volunteer Fire District 2 along with the Mount Tabor Volunteer Fire District 1 were dispatched to the Hampton Inn & Suites, 3737 Route 46 for an activated fire alarm at 11:33 a.m. on Monday, January 15.  While responding the dispatcher got a call stating there was a fire on top of the water heater in the laundry room. Continue Reading »

Union City, CA – New Year’s Day restaurant fire extinguished by sprinkler system; No injuries reported

Employees and patrons evacuated a popular Filipino restaurant in Union City on New Year’s Day, and no injuries were reported after a water-heater fire broke out, according to the Alameda County Fire Department. Crews responding Monday at 4:33 p.m. to Gerry’s Grill, at 31005 Courthouse Drive, where the eatery’s sprinkler system extinguished the blaze, isolated the water flow to prevent flooding throughout the restaurant, the agency said.Continue Reading »

Colorado Springs, CO – Hotel sprinkler system activates in response to dumpster fire started outside

A man was arrested Sunday for allegedly setting several dumpsters on fire and vandalizing cars in downtown Colorado Springs.

Police responded about 7 p.m. to a call about a man starting dumpster fires and damaging cars. One fire was so big that it triggered the sprinkler system at a local hotel.… Continue Reading »