Bothell, WA – Single fire sprinkler head extinguishes apartment kitchen fire, saves building from further damage

At 8:00 pm on Monday, August 5, 2019, firefighters were dispatched to a report of a kitchen fire in one of the units in The District at Mill Creek Apartments at the 17700 block of Bothell Everett Highway.

It was reported that a hot pan had ignited nearby plastic and a wooden spoon. The tenant evacuated the building to find a fire extinguisher. When he came back with the fire extinguisher, he found that the sprinkler system had turned on and put out the fire.

Firefighters arrived on scene and secured the water and the sprinkler head that was activated. Crews then began cleaning up the water from the apartment. All other tenants in the building had evacuated for safety.

The activation of the single sprinkler head above the fire is a perfect demonstration of the effectiveness of residential fire sprinklers systems. It not only contained and extinguished the stove fire, but it also saved the building from further damage.

Residential fire sprinklers, along with working smoke alarms help protect your home and family.

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