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Kitchen fire at senior citizen complex extinguished by sprinkler system (Stamford, CT)

Firefighters say they responded to a call early this morning at a high-rise senior citizen housing complex in Stamford after two people started a fire in their kitchen. Officials say the building’s indoor sprinkler system extinguished the flames by the time emergency crews arrived.Continue Reading »

Fire sprinklers save popular movie theater, no injuries reported (Lexington, KY)

A fire broke out inside the Movie Tavern off Richmond Road in Lexington, forcing everyone out of the building.  Firefighters were called to the scene around noon. When they arrived, they found a fire in the office on the first floor.  The sprinkler system already had most of the fire contained by the time crews got there, but everyone in the building was evacuated as a precaution.Continue Reading »

Fire sprinklers credited with saving manufacturing plant (Lincoln, NE)

A plastics manufacturing plant caught fire when an oven in the building lit up some surrounding plastic. The fire then set off the fire sprinkler system, which contained the fire until firefighters arrived and put out the rest of the flames. Fire crews reported that the manufacturing plant sustained $10,000 worth of damage, but Fire Investigator Chuck Schweitzer reported that the damage could have been much worse if the fire sprinklers had not been present.Continue Reading »