Fergus, ON, Canada – Fire Chief credits sprinkler system in early morning fire at plastics plant

Sprinklers put out a small early morning fire at the AO Smith building on Hill Street West here on Oct. 31.  The fire began in the SM Polymers portion of the building, which is separated from the main AO Smith building by concrete blocks.  Centre Wellington deputy fire chief Jonathan Karn said the department was called at 5:20am but when firefighters arrived the fire was largely extinguished by the sprinkler system.  Karn said two cardboard boxes piled close to the ceiling ignited when a heater was turned on.

“So no damage to the building itself; actually the sprinkler system activated and put the majority of the fire out before we got there, which is good,” Karn said.  “It actually saved that building and most of the product.

The damage is estimated at $5,000 to $10,000. There were no injuries and all employees had evacuated to the parking lot prior to the arrival of firefighters, Karn said.  The fire department cleared the scene just before 6:20am.

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