Perrysburg, OH – Sprinkler system helps contain apartment fire caused by lightning strike

A fire broke out at a Perrysburg Township apartment complex Thursday after lightning may have struck the building, firefighters said.  Area firefighters responded to Tracy Creek Apartments, 29181 Tracy Rd., at 8:40 a.m. Thursday.  Residents reported hearing a loud boom. Fire officials said they believe the blaze may have been caused by a lightning strike.  The fire appeared to be contained in the top floor of buildings 29227 and 29233 — a total of four apartments, said Perrysburg Fire Chief Rudy Ruiz.  The fire triggered a sprinkler system, he said.  Four families will be displaced because of the damage, Chief Ruiz said.  No injuries were reported, and no damage estimates were immediately available. The Red Cross was contacted to assist the families. <Blog Note: Smoke does not cause a residential sprinkler system to activate – Only the substantial heat from a fire>

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