Lake Stevens, WA – Sprinklers “do their job” in suspicious fire at Boys & Girls Club

Investigators are trying to determine the cause of a fire that damaged a portion of the Lake Stevens Boys and Girls Club on Monday afternoon. Investigators are calling the fire ‘suspicious.’  The fire started at approximately 2:30 P.M. Monday, investigators said.  When firefighters arrived on scene, they found two portable bathrooms on fire. Flames had spread to the overhang and the roof of the building nearby.

It appears the fire started inside the portable toilets, the Assistant Fire Marshal for Lake Stevens Fire told KOMO News on Monday night.  “The ones who are gonna pray the price are the kids. And that’s the sad part,” said Michael Hamel, who lives nearby and stopped by the club Monday night to look at the damage left behind. “We can clean up. Adults can pick it up. We can get on and rebuild, but it… this is against the kids. Why do something to ruin the summer for kids?

The Lake Stevens Boys and Girls Club will be closed on Tuesday, the club’s executive director told KOMO News. He hopes to reopen the club on Wednesday. Parents should check the club’s social media pages for updates, he said.  Most of the damage from the fire is to the outside of the building, investigators said. But crews brought in vacuums Monday night to suck up water and debris that coated the gym floor after the fire was put out.

“The fire sprinklers did their job. They contained the fire to that one storage room. And that one sprinkler head did a fantastic job suppressing the fire,” said David Petersen, Assistant Fire Marshal for Lake Stevens Fire.  Half of the roof on the club’s storage unit was destroyed by the fire. Equipment had to be pulled out of the storage unit. Some of it likely can’t be saved.  No one was injured in the fire. No one was in the building when the fire started, investigators said.

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