Plainfield, IL – Sprinkler system saves business from $350,000 in estimated damages; No injuries reported

A fire sprinkler system is credited with extinguishing a fire in the restroom at the Merlin 200,000 Miles Shop, 14120 S. Route 30. On Tuesday, April 3 rd at 12:21 P.M. the Plainfield Fire Protection District responded to a fire alarm for this business. While in route to the fire a 9-1- 1 call came in advising that there was a fire in the business. Upon arrival firefighters found a fire sprinkler head within a restroom activated and it had extinguished a small fire that left some burn marks on the wall. It is estimated that $350,000 was saved due to the fire sprinkler system extinguishing the fire and making it possible for the business to remain open. The fire sprinkler system prevented the fire from spreading and causing extensive damage to the building and its contents as well as preventing anyone from getting injured by the fire.

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