Colorado Springs, CO – Residential garage fire prevented from spreading by sprinkler system

Colorado Springs firefighters responded to a reported structure fire at a home as a result of improper disposal of cigarettes. According to CSFD, fire crews responded to 2561 Raywood View at 3:26 p.m. on Sunday afternoon. Crews arrived to the two-story, multi-family home within five minutes of the call. Firefighters said no smoke was showing from the exterior of the home but found a small extinguished fire in the garage. The garage sprinkler had turned on when a small fire in a plastic trash can was detected, which prevented it from spreading and possibly causing serious damage.

CSFD fire investigators said after conducting an investigation the cause was determined to be from “careless disposal of cigarettes.” CSFD and the National Fire Protection Association want to remind all citizens that it’s extremely important in disposing of cigarettes properly.

Here are some helpful reminders from the NFPA:
•If you smoke, smoke outside. Most deaths result from fires that started in living rooms, family rooms, and dens or bedrooms.
•Keep cigarettes, lighters, matches, and other smoking materials up high out of the reach of children, in a locked cabinet
•Use a deep, sturdy ashtray. Place it away from anything that can burn
•Do not discard cigarettes in vegetation such as mulch, potted plants or landscaping, peat moss, dried grasses, leaves or other things that could ignite easily
•Before you throw away butts and ashes, make sure they are out, and dousing in water or sand is the best way to do that
•Follow this link from the NFPA for more information

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