Conroe, TX – (Fire Dept Reported) Apartment fire held in check by automatic sprinkler system

The City of Conroe Fire Department was notified of an apartment fire at 2213 N Frazier St. (Oak Creek Apartments) at approximately 12:08 p.m. on December 15, 2017. Conroe Firefighters arrived at approximately 12:16 p.m. and discovered a fire in the living room of one apartment unit which had activated two fire sprinkler heads. The sprinkler heads held the fire in the smaller stages until firefighters were able to complete extinguishment.

The occupant of the apartment was transported to Conroe Regional ER with smoke inhalation. There were no reported injuries to firefighters or other occupants of the building. Fire and water damage was confined to the apartment of origin. The fire is believed to have originated in a living room couch. The cause of the fire is under investigation.

For the second time in three days within the City of Conroe, the importance of properly installed and maintained automatic fire sprinkler systems in residential occupancies has been demonstrated. It is likely that the automatic fire sprinkler system saved hundreds of thousands of dollars in damage and property loss to the building’s owners and occupants. Further, no adjacent occupants were displaced and possible injuries and deaths to citizens and firefighters were prevented.

Automatic fire sprinkler systems have over 100 years of proven performance protecting life and property. This incident represents the third time in 2017 that an apartment fire has been extinguished in the area of origin with the assistance of an automatic fire sprinkler system.

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