Bowling Green, OH – Electrical fire at business put out by sprinkler system; No injuries and operations not impacted

Middleton Township, Bowling Green and Troy Township fire departments responded to a report of smoke in a building at Principle Business Enterprises, 20189 Pine Lake Road, around 9:30 a.m. Friday.   The smoke was reportedly coming from Building B on the PBE campus. According to Middleton Township Fire Chief Steve Asmus, smoke was emanating from a bad fixture, which triggered the sprinkler system, putting the fire out. Fire crews dealt with some hotspots and smoldering product in cardboard boxes, which they extinguished. No injuries were reported.

A statement issued by Principle Business Enterprises co-CEO Charles A. Stocking said the small fire occurred as a result of an “electrical fluke” but it was quickly extinguished by PBE’s sprinkler system. “There were no injuries and the building was not impacted by the event, but the use of water has an effect on packaged ‘super absorbent products,’ which were in the affected area. PBE’s team and insurers are working together to clean up the impacted area.

“We are most grateful for the rapid response of the Dunbridge and other area fire crews. They were terrific,” the statement read. Stocking also noted the company is “experiencing significant growth and expects no interruption in scheduled operations or work schedules of its associates.

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