Spring Valley, IL – No injuries in high-rise residential fire extinguished by sprinkler system

*** Please See Sprinkler Saves Blog Note to Editor Below ***   Sprinkler damage: Spring Valley high-rise residents displaced.  No one was hurt in a Sunday night fire at the Spring Valley high-rise, but 24 residents were displaced by heavy water damage from the sprinklers. At Monday’s city council meeting, Mayor Walt Marini commended the Spring Valley Fire Department and first-responders for the speedy response to a third-floor fire at 419 W. Erie St., which fortunately was equipped with a sprinkler system that put out a fire that’s still under investigation.  Spring Valley fire chief Todd Bogatitus said the American Red Cross assisted the 24 residents who had to vacate the building.


To: Tom Collins

Good Afternoon,

I just read your article citing “Sprinkler Damage” in the high-rise apartment fire in your community. Of course, it is the fire that caused the damage, not the sprinkler. The sprinkler would not have activated if not for the fire. And, the fire, had it not been put out by the sprinkler, would have caused much more significant damage, and could have seriously injured or killed the residents.

While my thoughts and prayers go out to the displaced residents, I was so thankful to see that no one was hurt or killed. The automatic fire sprinkler system, and the quick response from the fire service, are to thank for that positive outcome. We have seen to many recent and tragic examples of fires in high rises that were not equipped with fire sprinkler systems (London/Grenfell Tower, Honolulu/Marco Polo Tower).

Please let me know if you would like to discuss this point of view further. Thanks for your consideration.

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