Richmond, TX (No Media Coverage) – Sprinkler system extinguishes apartment cooking fire

***FIRE DEPARTMENT REPORTED – NO MEDIA COVERAGE*** On 06/27/2017 Fort Bend County Fire Marshal’s Office was requested to respond to an apartment fire. The Richmond Fire Department was on scene.

Upon arrival we contacted the Incident Commander with Richmond Fire Department. He advised they respond for an fire alarm. Upon arrival they found one sprinkler head had activated in an apartment and had extinguished a kitchen fire on the stove. He also said there was no damage to the kitchen except for water damage. This fire occurred on the second floor.

The resident stated that he was cooking chicken with some cooking oil in a pan. He stated that he went to the bathroom while the chicken was cooking. He stated that while he was in the bathroom, he saw and smelled smoke. The sprinkler system went off and extinguished the fire.

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