Youngstown, OH – Fire on 15th floor of residential high-rise extinguished by sprinkler system; No injuries

A fire on the 15th floor of the International Towers in downtown Youngstown resulted in the building’s evacuation Friday. Youngstown Fire Department Battalion Chief Ron Russo said the department first became aware of the fire shortly after 6 p.m. Russo was dispatched alongside a pair of fire engines to the scene. There were no injuries from the fire and no external damage to the building. When the firefighters arrived, the fire was already extinguished thanks to the building’s sprinkler system. The firefighters remained to help mop up the water and investigate the fire source. Though the official cause of the fire was not determined at the time of this report, Russo suggested it likely began due to clothing or other items accidentally igniting after coming into contact with a heat source, such as a furnace. A small number of residents said they experienced some water damage to their property due to the sprinklers, but the majority of the individuals evacuated expressed relief that no one was hurt and that the fire did not spread to other parts of the tower.

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